When a Dream Calls

My biggest dream as a child and teenager was to be a world-renowned author. Since I can remember, I was always drawn to storytelling.

I was never interested in getting fancy presents or clothing but consistently pestered my mom to buy me a plethora of journals, pretty paper, and inky pens.

It made sense that writing was my calling. I had always loved stories, listening to them, re-telling them, and then, writing them. At school, I was winning multiple competitions for creative writing, at home I was glued to my journals and books.

Eventually, that passion for writing spilled into my late teens and into my early twenties.  By twenty-two,  my writing style had already changed, much due to the diversified life experiences that were shaping my creativity then.

In fact, I believe that’s when my writing became much less driven by creativity, and more so by the realities I was facing.

How could I work on a novel and character development when I didn’t even have a job?

The only thing I could write about was the struggles I was facing, in hopes of connecting with others who were perhaps going through the same experiences as me. Eventually, the dream I always had became a hobby, later just a memory. Maybe I would take it up again after I retired. Perhaps one day, I’d have enough freedom to go write that novel in the mountains.

However, we can’t run away from our dreams forever. One Spring afternoon, as I sat in my porch listening to Audrey Hepburn recite “Moon River,” I felt a desire to pick up my notebook and write.

“What I love most about rivers is you can’t step in the same river twice.
The water’s always changing, always flowing. But people, I guess, can’t live like that,
we all must pay a price. To be safe, we lose our chance of ever knowing what’s around the river bend…”
    -Pocahontas “What’s Around the River Bend”

My dream was knocking

The words streamed out of me. Finding spaces to fill, and filling me with a peace and clarity I hadn’t experienced in a while. Then, I saw myself once again in that house, on that mountain, writing that novel.

As I continue on my entrepreneurship journey, I realize more and more the importance of having a clear dream or goal. In the past few months, I have achieved more than I thought possible!

I’ve learned about marketing, social media, WordPress, coding, podcasting, production, and videography. All topics I never thought I’d have the skills to delve into.

I managed to learn them at record speed because there was no other choice. It was either “do” or “die” or “go find a job.” The only option was “do,” and it was my dream that kept me alive.

Throughout the hardships in life, we must touch that piece of us that yearns for something better. That makes us grow out of our comfort zones. That forces us into doing supernatural actions. It is our dream that consistently keeps us alive.

And why not set one? Just for kicks. 

Why not reconnect with it?

After all, what do you have to lose?

The answer to that is: everything. Going after a dream is the beginning of your Hero’s Journey. It is the moment in which you deliberately give everything up hoping something better will happen and, for the most part–IT DOES.

It is a roadmap, it is a way back AND forward into yourself. The person you want to become needs you to change. They need you to leap, to be brave, to try new things, to celebrate small victories–and BIG ONES, to love, to live with nothing, to love everything, everybody, and yourself.

But first, we have to find it. We have to identify it and promise it that we’re coming after it.

If you are wondering where to go, or if the path you’re setting is the right one, think about your dream. Whatever true journey can be answered by the power within you to wish.

I hope that you set a goal.  I hope that you move forward in life. I hope that you go faithfully toward it.



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