Chapter 2: Nenita

Capitulo 2: Nenita (Spanish Version) America Emilia Varela arrived at her mother’s home in Alturas de Belen with three young children and a shattered heart. The young woman that served as a second mother to her siblings and an ally to her mother now needed her family’s support more than ever before. A few weeks… Read More

Chapter 1: Abuela María

Ninety-seven years ago, on the largest island of the Antilles, Maria Rodriguez Pombo married Jacob Varela. At 16 years old, Maria had returned from Spain to her native Cuba to finalize the marriage her parents had arranged for her with a man they know from Coruña. Read More

Capítulo 1: La Abuela María

Hace 97 años, en la isla mas grande de las Antillas, María Rodríguez Pombo fue casada con Jacobo Varela. María, con tan solo 16 años, había regresado de España a su nativa Cuba para concretar el matrimonio que sus padres arreglaron para ella con un conocido de ellos de la Coruña. Read More