Me Too

Since I was a little girl, the idea that “boys will be boys” and “that’s the way men are” has been drilled into my skull like a chip for programming. It is as if there was a piece missing from the male anatomy that gave them free will over what they could or could not do to women, and women simply had to accept it as a “matter-of-fact.”

Break-up Culture and 21st Century Relationships

When we meet someone for the first time we are seduced by all the wonderful things this person has to bring on to our lives. We are infatuated and addicted to everything  they have to provide. Soon after though, we start discovering their flaws, we fight, and we find that it’s not all “la vie on rose” like Edith Piaf promised. 

Coming To America

Some stories need to be told at some point or another. This week, for the first time, I told mine publicly–twice. Once it was for a reporter for the USA Today who is writing an article about Donald Trump’s policy reversal regarding relations with Cuba. The second was to all of my followers, friends, lovers, listeners, in the form of…

Miami: Ripe or Rotten?

Miami, city on the rise or rotting Mamey? That is the question. It seems as if every day a new construction site is born and another acre of the everglades is torn down in the magic city. Progress and modernity seem to be the promise of these new developments, but who are they truly for? With sprawling skyscrapers come exorbitant…

Traffic Time Bomb

Is your butt numb from sitting on the driver’s seat? Have you contemplated flying cars? If you’ve ever sat in Miami traffic, I’m sure you have.