Hello, I’m Karla!

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CEO & Lead Consultant of KM Consulting Services.

I am a Professional Writer, Business Strategist, and Online Entrepreneur
with several years of experience working within the non-profit and
communications field.

I help aspiring entrepreneurs, home business owners, and network marketers create success and a life they love through simple tools they already have at their fingertips (literally!).

Many years ago, this blog was born of stories of my daily life in Miami, Florida, and my experience as a Cuban turned American immigrant. Today, the blog has evolved into a place of inspiration for many young entrepreneurs seeking to expand their networks and businesses.

This is a safe space for success, celebration, and progress. It is a place where we face our fears, failures, and vulnerabilities. The articles in this blog are raw and have been written with sincerity and transparency, we don’t pretend to be what we are not.

I’ve lived crossing the hemisphere since I was a child; but I believe I have been shaped by three different countries: Cuba – where I was born and grew up. Ecuador- where I loved everything from the volcanos to the beaches. And the United States, where I had the opportunity to experience more.

Through my experiences I’ve developed a deep curiosity for the world and other people. On a usual day, you can find me venturing around coffeeshops in the small town I live in, writing content for the site and working with people from around the world.

I’m a dog mom, hiker, lover of food and beautiful things. I love helping others and sharing stories. Feel free to drop me a line–I’d love to chat!



P.S. I’d love to connect and stay in touch with you, so feel free to send me a DM through Instagram, Facebook, or leave your email here!