Dear Reader,

After many years of dreaming about a place where my writing could be expressed, I’m happy to welcome you to “I Was Here: Tales of A Cuban Girl Turned Cuban-American.” Seventeen years ago, I left my native Cuba with my mother and grandparents to start a new life abroad.

We  lived in Ecuador, then moved to Miami, and once I had “grown out” of the pastelitos and cortaditos, I went many other places. Somehow, I’ve returned home to Miami, to tell the stories, struggles, and hopes of a Cuban girl turned Cuban-American.

I hope this blog brings to you the same joy that it has brought to me. The spark of warmth that grows in one’s heart when one does something they are passionate about is indescribable. For me, writing in any way, is a gift. I hope my stories touch you, and that yours may someday touch and enrich my life too.

Be Kind. Be Loving. Be You.

-Karla was here.

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