Coming To America

Some stories need to be told at some point or another.

This week, for the first time, I told mine publicly–twice.

Once it was for a reporter for the USA Today who is writing an article about Donald Trump’s policy reversal regarding relations with Cuba. The second was to all of my followers, friends, lovers, listeners, in the form of a brand new podcast.

I’ve been trying to start this podcast for a while now, but I had not found the right topic to open up with. Well, now it is available for all to hear on soundcloud, as well as on the podcast page on this website.

I hope you all can enjoy and truly understand the importance of opening relations between the United States and Cuba. Most of all, the importance of giving immigrants the right to find new opportunities for their families.

I hope you all enjoy this deep, personal story. Here is the link:

I Was Here Podcast-Episode 1

Episode 1-I Was Here Soundcloud Version



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