The Day Before Fiumicino Caught Fire

One hundred and seventeen days…

He walked in through the gate at Fiumicino airport in Rome and for a second I forgot my name.

For the past four and a half months I had been living in England, traveling all of Europe, missing this man, and gaining some significant weight.

This, however, had been a moment I had been dreaming about since we had planned our two week European adventure in January.

Rome was just the start.

In my 21 year old self’s dreams, I was Hillary Duff and this is what dreams were made of! This was the eternal city that so many fought for. Here was the art, the cathedrals, the holy Pope, for Pete’s Sake, and I would get to explore it with the man of my dreams.

There was mushy kissing and hugging, and there was map hunting, of course.

The day kept going through the Roman sunshine; squeezing through public transportation, tiny alleyways, and the great enjoyment of the city’s endless charm.

We watched the sun set behind the buildings at Piazza Navona, the water splashing on the water fountain before heading out for dinner…..our hands melted into each other.

….I guess all roads do lead to Rome.

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