Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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This year, Mother’s Day will be unique, to say the least. With everything closed due to the Pandemic, it can be challenging to even begin thinking about gifts that may help Mom feel loved and appreciated during these times.

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Being far away from my Mom, I felt this way too. That’s why I compiled this list of gift ideas to send Mom without having to leave your home.

Treat Her to a Spa Night

I love a good face mask and pampering my mom on girl’s night. Since we live far from each other, my mom and I usually make the most of our time together. In this case, that means we play with some multi-masking.

We pick a movie, order some good food, get into a comfy robe, and put a nice face mask on. Here are some of our favorite Spa Night picks.

Artistry Signature Select Masks

I use Artistry Signature Select Masks as part of my skincare routine. They include exfoliating, firming, brightening, pore cleansing, hydrating, and firming masks.

The masks can be worn on separate parts of the face, as detailed here. Pick a set of two or three you think will suit mom’s needs, and pair it with a pair of fresh fuzzy socks and bathrobe.

Fuzzy Bathrobe

Add a touch of indulgence to your spa night with a fuzzy bathrobe, sure to make you feel like you’re in a real spa and not home.

Boost Her Confidence With Great Skincare & Make-Up

Healthy skin and high-quality makeup go hand in hand. With mom’s busy schedule, she probably has no time to think about her skincare. One of my favorite gifts to give my mom has always been Artistry’s Youth Extend Skincare System.

My mom had cystic acne as a teen and young adult, leaving her face significantly scarred. Since using the Youth Extend system, her skin has improved tremendously. The anti-aging collection helps revitalize skin and repairs the appearance of past damage while protecting future damage.

This revolutionary anti-aging skincare helps revitalize skin’s future by helping repair the appearance of past damage and protect against future damage caused by environmental factors.

Some of my other favorite Mothers Day gifts are makeup items. I know I mention Artistry often, but I love their cosmetics and use them myself every day. Their latest collections are inspired by cities around the world including New York, Paris, Bangkok, and Tokyo.

The Kabuki Glam Palette is one of my mother’s day picks as is the Color Correcting Compact. The collections also include beautiful blushes, colorful mascaras including a gorgeous blue mascara that brightens up any eye or gives a gorgeous ombre effect.

There’s Nothing Like a Good Book

This Pandemic has made me appreciate creative avenues, and as an avid reader, I’ve had the chance to dive deep into some titles I had always wanted to read. Get Mom something to transport her to another time, place, or headspace. Here are my picks:

When Things Fall Apart

I’m currently reading this book by Pema Chodron, and I have to say it has changed my perspective on how we handle what happens to us in life most of the time. For mom, this will be a gift to help her find space and make space for herself.

Eat, Pray, Love

Liz Gilbert captivates any reader with her deeply profound transformational story. Journey with her through Italy, India, and Indonesia as she explores her wounds and finds healing.


Diana Gabaldon’s series has brought the world to the steamy heels of Jamie and Claire, so now it’s mom’s turn to journey into the Scottish Highlands for some loving.

Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You

Children’s books have my heart even as an adult, and sometimes I gift my mom one for Christmas or Mother’s Day, just to remind her that she also has a child within. In these challenging times, it might be helpful for her to do this as well.

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