The Windowsill

There was a time I thought we would never meet,
but there we were,
sitting on the windowsill,
dangling our feet.

The moon was full and we were left unsupervised.
There were no rules,
there was no path,
there was just us and all the time that had passed.

My head leaning on your shoulder,
your hand resting on my leg.
We stared into the night;
we’ve always just done our best.

Who are you?
Perfect stranger I’ve known all my lifetimes.
You tell me everything I never thought I’d hear,
and I feel fear
because where do we go from here?

I stare into the night,
I ask the universe for a sign,
but it only keeps showing me you.
My heart glows,
and love flows from a well I thought was dry.

We’re like two magnets,
trying hard to defy the laws of physics.
Our minds fight all the obstacles that kept us apart,
we try to rationalize;
but our lips,
they find a way to each other.

And there it was,
the moment we once longed for,
dreamed about,
but had erased with streams of saltwater and other bodies.

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